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Restoration, preservation and renovation of period buildings are the firm's specialty and Mr. Harvard is among the top authorities on eighteenth century architecture in the country. Restoration projects are as far afield as an eighteenth century farmhouse moved from Virginia to Fishers Island, New York, to the updating of Cottage Garden, a late eighteenth century cottage with Greek revival overlay in Natchez, Mississippi. Other notable projects include the pattern-book inspired Dulaney House (1783) in Alexandria, Virginia, the superlative Miles Brewton House (1769) in Charleston, South Carolina, and a 12,000 acre rice plantation (1720's) near Wilmington, North Carolina. Many restoration ventures are, however, centered on the area bordering the Chesapeake Bay. Somewhat related is Mr. Harvard’s work on early twentieth century Colonial Revival mansions by such noted architects as Delano and Aldrich, Van Dorn Shaw, and William Lawrence Bottomley. Projects vary from those that are full service, where we supply antique or reproduction building materials and appropriate craftsmen and supervise much of the work, to others where we act as consultants. The restoration of a house in Annapolis won preservation awards from the National Trust for Historic Preservation and Historic Annapolis Foundation.


Mr. Harvard is past President of the American Friends of the Georgian Group, a nonprofit concern promoting the preservation and appreciation of Georgian architecture, as well as Vice President of the Decorative Arts Trust.

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